When every minute on site needs to be maximised, it’s vital to have the right equipment for the job.  For Eazi Access, the material-handling machinery in its fleet not only does the work but also enables productivity gains and cost savings.

“We are always looking for ways to provide safe and reliable work-at-height & material-handling solutions for our customers,” explains John Maddern, Commercial Manager at Eazi Access. “Even though the Western Cape is rich in petrochemical and oil refineries, there are also more than 100 surface mines, so we aim to find solutions that stretch across all industries.”

Maddern says that JLG, Magni and Maeda’s ongoing commitment to development and innovation is what makes the manufacturers ideal partners for the kind of solutions Eazi Access offers.

“Magni’s range of high-capacity telehandlers has been a valuable addition to sites across South Africa. Now, in addition to conventional tyre clamps, Magni has developed several interchangeable attachments that we are using on our new 30t Magni HTH 30.12 handlers,” he explains.

One of these is the new cylinder clamp, which Eazi Access recently demonstrated to customers. “We successfully trialled the cylinder clamps on a few sites earlier this year, and found them to be more cost effective, and safer, than traditional solutions,” says Maddern. “Moreover, they have massive time-saving potential for the mining sector.” The Cylinder Clamp has a capacity of 11 t, opening measurements of 250 to 620 mm, clamp rotation of 344˚, cylinder rotation of ±30˚, a tilting angle of 90˚ and longitudinal safety clamps measuring from 2 760 mm to 5 800 mm.

Previously, using conventional solutions such as scaffolding or cranes to replace cylinders could take up to 48 hours. With a cylinder lamp, the same job can be done in 35 minutes.

“We are passionate about selling and renting machines that are versatile so that we can enable as much cost savings as possible. This is where the interchangeable attachments come in. It takes just 40 seconds to take a handler from tyre rotation or conveyor-belt handling to cylinder handling – meaning you need only one machine to do the job of many.”

Safety, Maddern stresses, is always the number-one priority for any Eazi Access solution. “This is why we partner with the best suppliers in the world. One of our customers in the petrochemical industry has maintained a track record of 10 years of non-recordable cases since using our solutions – a difference we are proud to have made,” he concludes.

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