JLG stock pickersThis just in: the ladder is so last century.

Whether you run a warehouse, retail store, or distribution facility, you can increase productivity by using JLG Stock Pickers, aerial work stations that literally take your daily tasks to new heights. Able to carry up to 160 kilograms, JLG Stock Pickers are robust but compact, allowing you to manoeuvre them even within confined spaces like offices and retail stores.

Using a Mobile Stock Picker, your average employee can perform the work that would normally take two employees to complete. Talk about efficiency! A single worker equipped with a Mobile Stock Picker is able to carry up to 230 kilograms – including people and materials. Sturdy and reliable, the MSP has innovative controls that are simple to use, a battery that automatically charges, and aluminium masts.

With its non-marking tyres, it is ideal for indoor environments, from stores to schools. A JLG Point and Go joystick makes it simple to operate and a joy to manoeuvre. On top of all these features, it is equipped with on-board diagnostics, so you can solve problems quicker and get back to stock take. And, as if that’s not enough good news for one day, its pothole protection system ensures you’ll never be left in the lurch.

stock pickers

The Toucan Duo, another type of aerial work platform, is a mobile vertical lift that is perfect for inventory control and stock picking duties. It features double side entry gates, making it easy to pick stock from either side of the lift. In addition, it has a spring-retracting belt guard that helps to stop stock items from falling. The Toucan Duo is ideal for office environments and busy retail stores because of its compact size, making it both easy to use in a constricted space and convenient to store.

Comfortable controls make this stock picker a pleasure to drive, and, with 20% gradeability, you don’t have to worry about going up slight inclines. It reaches a height of 6 metres and has the capacity to carry up to 200 kilograms in weight. A two-degree tilt indicator and alarm helps to prevent accidents, too, so that you know your workers will be safe and secure atop the Toucan Duo.