Eazi Access has introduced the first Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler into its rental fleet. After several demonstrations across a number of applications, it has since been deployed at a mine in Mpumalanga, South Africa, to work in a special application that has seen Magni’s innovative Cylinder Clamp attachment put to work for the very first time, writes Munesu Shoko.

Eazi Access has launched the first 30 t Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler into its rental fleet, the biggest machine in its ranks. Having made its debut in South Africa in 2013 through Eazi Access’ sister company, Eazi Sales & Service, the authorised sales distributor of the Magni range in southern Africa, the machine is designed for heavy industry and mining sectors.

John Maddern, commercial manager at Eazi Access, tells Capital Equipment News that the machine was put through its paces at several mines in South Africa, demonstrating its capabilities in a range of applications. It was at a Mpumalanga mine where it was demonstrated with Magni’s innovative Cylinder Clamp attachment used to remove and fit cylinders on gigantic face shovels. While this attachment already existed in the Magni product offering, this was the first time it was put to work at a job site.

The Cylinder Clamp has a capacity of 11 t, opening measurements of 250 to 620 mm, clamp rotation of 344°, cylinder rotation of ± 30°, a tilting angle of 90° and longitudinal safety clamps measuring from 2 760 mm to 5 800 mm.

Steve Hasselbach, Witbank branch manager at Eazi Access, says the demonstration was very successful. Previously, using conventional means, it took about 24-48 hours to remove the face shovel’s cylinders. The conventional way also called for costly scaffolding, a crane and rigging teams to remove the 8 t cylinder off the gigantic face shovels. Using the 30 t Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler equipped with a Cylinder Clamp attachment, the same cylinders can now be removed within a mere 35 minutes.

Proven Concept

Maddern says there has been a fair amount of enquiries following the successful commissioning of the Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler at the Mpumalanga mine. “We have had a number of enquiries recently. There is a very strong chance that we may grow the fleet, but we have to create demand first. We have a proven concept in this sort of application and based on that we believe there will be increased rental demand for these machines,” says Maddern.

Hasselbach is also of the view that demand for these machines on rental basis will definitely increase, especially at mines where uptime for big pieces of equipment is so critical. For example, if a face shovel bursts its cylinder, it would likely be out of service for at least a week as it takes two days to set up the related scaffolding and cranes and another two days to do the actual exchange, provided the relevant part is available. In essence, this translates into a week of lost production. Production of a face shovel the size of a Komatsu PC8000, for example, is said to equate to about R25 000 per every truck load. Losing a week of production on such a machine is a lot of money down the drain.

While the Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler Cylinder Clamp attachment may not be in operation every single day, the machine working at the Mpumalanga mine has also been supplied with a range of other Magni HTH attachments including a Tyre Clamp, a Conveyor Belt Handler and Forks for a range of other handling applications on site. “At a time when the Cylinder Clamp is not operational, you can use the telehandler for other applications such as tyre rotation, conveyor belt handling and general materials handling duties,” says Maddern.

Magni’s other special attachments include Tyre Clamps which can handle tyres from 24 inches up to 63 inches. The 16.63 tyre clamp has a load capacity of 16 t, while the 8.63 version has a load capacity of 8 t.

The Multi Tool Manipulator is able to fit three different attachments, including the Wheel Hub Handler, which offers a capacity of 22 t; the Cylinders Clamp, which has a capacity of 11 t and the Hub with Suspension Cylinder Handler, which has a 9 t capacity for hub and suspension cylinders.

Additionally, Magni Telescopic Handlers has developed an attachment to handle conveyor belts, features of which include the ability to handle up to 25 t in weight and a 360° rotation – particularly useful when handling large pulleys to create a conveyor system.

“The benefit of the Magni tyre handling attachment is that it has the ability to side shift, left and right with a 360⁰ rotation. Its ability to pick and carry over rough terrain is another key benefit,” says Hasselbach.

Looking ahead, Eazi Access will partner its principal, Magni, to develop other attachments specific to the local industries’ needs. Magni’s approach is to design and manufacture products in consultation with its customers. The Italian OEM’s design approach is driven by a greater belief in customisation.

Key Specs – Cylinder Clamp

Capacity 11 t
Maximum opening 620 mm
Minimum  opening 250 mm
Clamp rotation 344°
Cylinder rotation ± 30°
Tilting 90°


Key Specs – Magni HTH 30.12 Telehandler

Model HTH 30.12
Lifting capacity 30 000 kg
Maximum lifting height 11,72 m
Maximum reach 6,86 m
Engine Mercedes OM 936 LA
Maximum torque 1 400 Nm @ 1 200 rpm
Power 260 kW (350 hp)


Magni HTH 30.12 – Key Features 

With a 30 000 kg lifting capacity, the Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler has a maximum lifting height of 11,72 m at a maximum reach of 6,86 m.

One of the main advantages of the telehandler is its cab design, features of which include a movable steering column, allowing the operator to get in and out easily and achieve a comfortable driving position, as well as two Sauer Danfoss multifunction joysticks connected via CAN BUS for all the movements of the turret, boom and accessory.

With the operator in mind, the cab also comes with a fully enclosed and airtight environment pressurised by a powerful ventilation system (240 m³ per hour) in accordance with ISO 10263 standards. This is complemented by a 100% inlet air filtration with hot and cold air conditioning as standard, with air recycling if required. For ease of operation, controls are grouped on a glass touchscreen display with written messages and not alphanumeric codes. The display pages can also be controlled with a joystick.

Meanwhile, the new quick-fit system improves capacity performance thanks to less weight at the end of the boom and increases safety when particularly sensitive attachments such as long jibs or baskets are fitted. “The telehandler is also equipped with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) system on the boom head, which automatically recognises the attachment in use when it is connected to the machine,” says Maddern.

Equipped with a Mercedes Benz OM 936 engine delivering 260 kW, the machine is fitted with an electronically-controlled BOSCH REXROTH transmission which ensures fast driving on the roads (25km/h).

The transmission on the HTH 30.12 model is constituted by a hydrostatic, electronically-controlled BOSCH REXROTH pump and two hydrostatic motors with variable displacement. The machine comes with a hydrostatic power shift type transmission with three speeds (a fully automatic shifting gearbox with three speeds forward/reverse).

The 30 t Magni HTH 30.12 telehandler with its various attachments has been instrumental in driving end-user cost savings as well as improving productivity and safety across heavy industry and mining sectors.

Source: Article written by Munesu Shoko, featured in Capital Equipment News.

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