Market leaders in work-at-height and material-handling solutions, Eazi Access, were awarded two accolades at the Logistics Achiever Awards gala evening in Johannesburg on the 17th of October, writes Munesu Shoko in the November edition of Capital Equipment News (pages 28-29).

The awards ceremony recognises professionalism and excellence in the logistics field by rewarding companies in southern Africa for the innovation they drive in their own logistics and supply chain management practices.

Eazi Access walked away with the Silver Award for Supply Chain Innovation that delivered a customer-centric solution, and the Enviro Award for the redesign of fleet requirements and the implementation of optimised routing and scheduling.

Eazi Access received its awards for revolutionising its truck fleet distribution network. After thorough research and analysis, the organisation identified pockets of inefficiency and decided to implement a cutting-edge transportation management system to help streamline a customer-centric supply chain and logistics process – specifically its fleet of trucks that drive to its numerous customer worksites across the country.

An award-winning partnership

Redesigning an entire legacy logistics system is no small task, and Eazi Access partnered with supply chain specialists Resolve Solution Partners to bring the project’s request for proposal (RFP) to fruition.

An important part of the RFP was interrogating how the people, processes and technology in Eazi Access can work better to enhance the way their truck fleet management operated. This assessment needed to deliver tangible goals that the organisation can not only implement but also continuously improve upon so they can future-proof their logistics processes through innovation, cost savings and smarter ways of working – all essential, considering the challenging economic conditions the industry continues to operate in, resulting in the appointment of Value Logistics as Eazi Access’ transport supplier.

According to Jonathan Mphake, Fleet Manager at Eazi Access and project owner, the decision to partner with Resolve was a natural one. “Resolve is renowned for providing tailor-made solutions that are innovative and practical,” he explains. “The way they streamline and optimise the entire operation brought people, operations, processes, data and technology together so seamlessly – making sure we could achieve the balance we needed.”

Supply chain innovation achieves operational excellence

The project design delivered several efficiency-focused features like a driver mobility system with real-time load status updates, integrated inventory and logistics; workstreams that increase productivity; and a continuous focus on information updates which are only some of the features the new system will bring to the network.

This greatly enhanced the way information and data were used to monitor the entire fleet and quickly act when a problem is detected to ensure maximum availability, maintenance and management of their trucks.

Going green for the Enviro Award

The LAA Enviro Award was specifically designed to motivate organisations to make a genuine effort in minimising the environmental impact of their supply chain processes. Governments and industry organisations around the world are clamping down on processes that negatively impact the environment while customers are increasingly questioning the impact the businesses, they choose to transact with, have on the environment.

The redesign of Eazi Access’s fleet requirements delivered significant environmentally friendly results by reducing the number of kilometres travelled; improving fuel efficiency; thus reducing carbon emissions of the fleet.

This made sure the redesign benefitted the organisation, its customers, its communities and the environment it operates in.

Turning a business buzzword into reality

One of the main aspects of the project was changing the way data was being used to better manage the logistics of their fleet and having complete visibility of its end-to-end requirements: from monitoring truck usage and condition, to making sure suitable vehicles are available without delay.

The key to this type of innovation, Mphake says, is making the intangible tangible so that it can solve problems that matter. “Big-data is a buzzword we see everywhere, but what is more important is the interpretation of the data and the formulation of actions to address any shortcomings that might have been identified,” he explains. This, he adds, is exactly what the Resolve and Eazi Access partnership achieved.

“We took a concept more familiar in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and transposed it to a machine rental distribution model. That’s not something you see every day and the synergy between Eazi Access and Resolve helped us bring this concept to life,” he concludes.

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