We are excited to announce that Linde Material Handling has appointed Eazi Access as their exclusive distributor for South Africa.

Linde Material Handling is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, specialising in industrial trucks, fleet management, driver assistance systems and service offerings.

In their press release announcing the appointment, Linde Material Handling emphasised the fact that our ability to provide innovative, bespoke access and material-handling solutions makes us a perfect strategic fit. Marcus Green, Eazi’s General Manager for Rental & Sales Support, says this talks to the shared value system and high standards both companies share.

“Eazi Access is a premium brand distributor that offers a differentiated service offering to our customers and Linde Material Handling is known worldwide as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of forklifts. Partnering with this brand is an extension of what we’ve done previously with industry leaders like JLG, Magni, Maeda and JCB,” he explains.

What the new partnership entails

According to Marcus, our partnership with Linde Material Handling will help us reach new heights in four areas:

Our fleet: We’ll be making over 50 new product offerings available to our customers. Forklifts are only one of Linde Material Handling’s areas of expertise and the warehousing opportunities we can tap into (such as lithium ion and robotic options) can further differentiate our technical abilities.

Our growth: Leveraging the forklift market in South Africa gives us the chance to grow not only our turnover but also our range of rental, sales, training and service options to you, our customers.

Our industries: There are some great synergies we can explore in the light industrial industry, while the safety aspects of these products could open more doors in the heavy industrial and mining industries.

Our innovation: As a brand we are always looking at new ways to be at the forefront of technology so that we can provide safer and more customer-focused solutions – something Linde Material Handling’s team strongly believes in.

“The opportunity for us to extend our product offering in the mining, heavy and light industries strengthen our resolve to be a single point of contact – a one-stop-shop – for you, our customers, across various sectors. This will help us become an even more customer-focused household brand,” Marcus says.

An impressive range of machines

Linde Material Handling maintains a wide variety of machine types, each designed with safety, efficiency and productivity in mind. Some of the machines we can look forward to include:

  • Diesel & LPG counterbalanced trucks: Designed to carry loads between 1.4 t & 18.00 t, these trucks offer safe and reliable material-handling solutions.
  • Electric counterbalanced trucks: Designed around the operator, these models offer the highest levels of comfort, excellent versatility and outstanding manoeuvrability to operate both inside and outside to carry out a whole range of tasks.
  • Electric reach trucks: A versatile range of reach forklift trucks that provide excellent narrow-aisle handling, ergonomically designed operator facilities, compact robot-welded chassis and great uptime ratios.

We will also bring a range of machines with hydrostatic drive features into our fleet. This provides operators with precision power transmission and control. For example, an operator can change a forklift truck’s speed and direction simply by switching between two pedals. This innovative capability means Linde Material Handling’s trucks have the dexterity and efficiency we need to save time and money for you, our customers – all while working as safely as possible.

The benefit to you, our customer

“This partnership allows us to provide a wider product offering to you, our customers and become a more customer-focused business,” Marcus says. “For Linde Material Handling it was critical to partner with a brand that is growing into a full Africa solutions provider and maximise African opportunities. With Eazi Access, Linde Material Handling can rest assured they are partnering with a customer-focused, solutions-driven business,” he concludes. 

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