In a tough economic climate, the decision to rent rather than buy expensive machinery can be the best one for some businesses: there’s no drain on your capital, nor are there myriad variable costs that are difficult to budget for e.g. spare parts, repairs, testing, specialist services for maintenance, and so on.

“With a rental arrangement, you know what you’re in for – or at least, you should,” says Tony Chandler, Regional General Manager at Eazi Access. “You should be confident you’ll get the service you need from a supplier you can rely on.”

Eazi Access provides work-at-height and materials-handling solutions to customers in the light industrial, construction, entertainment, mining and heavy industrial sectors. Its “one-stop” suite of offerings incorporates rental, sales, service and training. It has the widest range of equipment in Africa, sourced from leading international manufacturers including JLG, Magni and Maeda for which Eazi is the sole distributor in Africa.

Chandler says Eazi Access is not a conventional rental business, as it goes beyond a simple hiring arrangement to develop solutions that add value to its customers. This includes anything from renting equipment tailored to a particular site specification to providing site supervisors, and training and supplying operators. “We also sell machinery where this makes sense to the customer,” he says.

Eazi Access’ rental solutions are designed to deliver gains in three key areas: cost savings, productivity gains and safety improvements. “Our solutions can offer incredible cost-saving opportunities when compared with conventional methods for working-at-height,” says Chandler. “They also enable productivity gains, for example, we can get an operator to a height of 10 metres in just 30 seconds.”

Because every minute on site needs to be maximised for productivity, it’s vital to use the right equipment for the job and resolve any issues that may arise quickly and effectively. An advantage of renting is that it’s easy to switch to a different machine in the event of changes to operations or production. To ensure maximum uptime, all Eazi Access machines undergo scheduled maintenance and load testing in line with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and industry regulations. Eazi Access also has the largest stock of spare parts in Africa, ensuring short turnaround times for replacements or repairs. There is an exchange policy for machines that can’t be repaired within 24 hours.

The most important element of any solution, Chandler stresses, is safety. He cites the example of a petrochemical company that’s maintained a track record of 10 years of non-recordable cases (no serious injuries from working-at-height) since using cherry pickers and MEWPS – well above the industry standard.

“There are no compromises when it comes to the safety of our operators and everyone else on site,” he concludes.

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