Working with Eazi Access enables you to rationalise your supply chain and keep operating costs down, enabling you to focus on productivity and growth.

Eazi Access understands that external pressures continue to squeeze already-tight margins. Mining companies have to focus on achieving production efficiencies in a high-cost environment, while maintaining high standards of safety in demanding conditions.

Our Solution

We have worked with a broad spectrum of mining customers across Africa, so we understand the unique characteristics of each environment, whether it’s opencast or underground.

Our industry experts work with you to provide fit-for-purpose solutions that help to achieve, productivity gains and enable a safe working environment.

We assess each environment to determine workspace constraints and the risk to personal safety.

We then develop customised solutions that ensure high uptime and availability while meeting the production and safety requirements of any location.

How does Eazi Access deliver solutions for the mining industry?

Reliable equipment for diverse mining applications

Our solutions support a diverse range of material-handling applications, including excavation and extraction, transport, processing and recycling.

Our machines are ready on-site, from day one, which means you don’t lose a single second of production time.

Machine servicing and maintenance is done in line with an appropriate preventative maintenance schedule to ensure minimum disruption, and maximum uptime.

Work platforms that are fit for purpose

We partner with leading equipment manufacturers to ensure that each machine on-site is fit for purpose.

Every solution we design enables productivity in the safest way possible.

24/7 technical support

We ensure that we understand your on-site shifts and production schedules so that any necessary maintenance or servicing can take place without interrupting production time.

Training for safety

We help you ensure that every operator on your mine is well versed in safe operating procedures.

Our training courses align with the highest standards in the industry, which means each operator receives quality instruction and training, with a focus on safety.

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