Eazi Access supports the unique needs of the construction industry by making sure the right machines are available for the right teams, at the right time.

We understand how Balancing strict building schedules, varied subcontractor teams and numerous different tasks are paramount to a construction-site’s success.

Our Solution

Our extensive fleet of machines can safely provide the required solutions for any on-site task, while our expert knowledge of the industry allows us to design and supply tailor-made solutions.

Our solutions can help increase productivity by reducing the time and people required to perform a specific task.

We see ourselves as an extension of your construction team and understand how important every single second on-site is.

Working with Eazi Access means you can be assured that your subcontractors will be able to complete their tasks in line with your construction schedule quickly, safely and effectively.

How does Eazi Access deliver on your construction site needs?

A site ready for subcontractors from day one

By analysing your specific on-site needs and schedules, we ensure our machines are ready from day one for subcontractors to complete their tasks.

Tailor-made solutions to fit unique needs

We can provide ad hoc rentals for short-term projects or help design bespoke solutions for the long term.

Our unique telehandlers can fit a range of attachments – from forks, buckets through to concrete ladles – to help your teams complete work quickly and safely.

We conduct ongoing, industry-wide research in order to anticipate future needs.

A range of machines to suit any subcontractor needs

From large scissor lifts to flexible boom lifts, we cater for any subcontracting team’s tasks.

Heavy-duty, multi-attachment telehandlers make installing pillars a breeze.

Our 30-tonne pick-and-carry handlers can easily replace larger (and more expensive) cranes.

24/7 technical support

We ensure that we understand your on-site shifts and construction schedules so that any necessary maintenance or servicing can take place without interrupting construction time.

Low costs, high safety

By understanding, measuring and supplying the right solution, we make sure that each subcontracting team can complete its tasks quickly and effectively.

Save time on-site and avoid unnecessary construction schedule penalties.

We guide and advise on the latest regulatory and legislative safety requirements for working-at-height and material-handling.

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