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Series 5021

V10 Standard Mast

Key Specs

Power UnitBattery 
Load Capacity1 000 kg
Load Centre400 mm
Lift Height4 610 mm
Overall Width980 mm
Power UnitBattery 
Load Capacity1 000 kg
Load Center400 mm
Wheelbase1 414 mm
Service Weight2 739 kg
Axle Load – With Load (Front)1 142 kg
Axle Load – With Load (Rear)2 597 kg
Axle Load – Without Load (Front)1 552 kg
Axle Load – Without Load (Rear)1 187 kg
Tyre Type (Rubber, Super Elastic – SE, Pneumatic, Polyurethane)Polyurethane 
Tyre Size Front⌀ 250 x 100 mm ⌀ x l (mm)
Tyre Size Rear⌀ 150 x 100 mm ⌀ x l (mm)
Wheels Number – Front/Rear (x = driven)1x / 2 
Track Width – Rear850 mm
Travel Speed - With Load10 km/h
Travel Speed - Without Load10 km/h
Lifting Speed - With Load0.22 m/s
Lifting Speed - Without Load0.31 m/s
Lowering Speed - With Load0.3 m/s
Lowering Speed - Without Load0.24 m/s
Acceleration Time - With Load8.0 s
Acceleration Time - Without Load8.0 s
Service BrakeRegenerative 
Lift Motor Rating7.6 kW
Battery According to DIN43 535/A 
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity24/560 V/Ah
Battery Weight502 kg
Drive ControlMicroprocessor 
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear69 dB



  • Compact design of the Linde control handlebars ensures that the operator remains well within the truck contours while driving.
  • Four-point support ensures high stability and the OptiLift® control is perfect to achieve high precision and productivity in order picking and pallet handling.
  • CAN bus diagnostic facility for reduced service intervals.
  • Swift access to all components and maintenance-free AC technology play an additional part in keeping truck uptime up.


Linde Order Pickers V10 Series 5021 - Dimension (5) Linde Order Pickers V10 Series 5021 - Dimension (6)
h1) Height of Mast Lowered =2 900 mm
h3) Lift = 4 550 mm
h4) Lift Height =4 610 mm
h6) Height of Overhead Guard/Cab =2 260 mm
h7) Height of Seat =200 mm
h9) Supplementary Lift = 800 mm
h12) Platform Height Raised =4 750 mm
h13) Height, Lowered =65 mm
l1) Overall Length =2 630 mm
l2) Length to Fork Face =1 830 mm
b1) Overall Width =980 mm
b2) Overall Width =980 mm
b3) Width of Fork Carriage =660/740 mm
b5) Fork Spread (Min) =560 mm
b5) Fork Spread (Max) =640 mm
b6) Width Over Side Guide Rollers =1 375 mm
b11) Track Width Rear =850 mm
s/e/l) Fork Dimensions =60 x 120 x 800 mm
Ast) Aisle Width with Pallet Along Forks = 1 380 mm
m1) Ground Clearance Under Mast with Load =38 mm
m2) Ground Clearance Center of Wheelbase =38 mm
Wa) Turning Radius = 1 650 mm
c) Load Center = 400 mm
x) Axle Centre to Fork Face = 180 mm
y) Wheelbase =1 414 mm
Au) Transfer Aisle Width (min.) =2 999 mm
Q1.0 t
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