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Series 131-01


Key Specs

Power UnitBattery 
Load Capacity3 000 kg
Load Centre1 200 mm
Overall Width790 mm
Power UnitBattery 
Load Capacity3 000 kg
Load Center1 200 mm
Wheelbase2 364 mm
Overall Width790 mm
Service Weight1 360 kg
Axle Load – With Load (Front)1 607 kg
Axle Load – With Load (Rear)2 753 kg
Axle Load – Without Load (Front)970 kg
Axle Load – Without Load (Rear)390 kg
Tyre Type (Rubber, Super Elastic – SE, Pneumatic, Polyurethane)Polyurethane 
Tyre Size Front⌀ 254 x 102 ⌀ x l (mm)
Tyre Size Rear2 x ⌀ 85 x 105 ⌀ x l (mm)
Wheels Number – Front/Rear (x = driven)1x/4 
Track Width – Front544 mm
Track Width – Rear374 mm
Travel Speed - With Load6 km/h
Travel Speed - Without Load6 km/h
Lifting Speed - With Load0.031 m/s
Lifting Speed - Without Load0.039 m/s
Lowering Speed - With Load0.076 m/s
Lowering Speed - Without Load0.073 m/s
Service BrakeElectro-magnetic 
Lift Motor Rating3 kW
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity24/345/375 V/Ah
Battery Weight208 kg
Drive ControlLAC 
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear< 70 dB



  • Automated cargo transport over long distances.
  • The truck’s navigational system does not require any additional installation of control technology.
  • The T-MATIC is also suitable for use in environments in which people and automated machines have to work together flexibly and in tight spaces.
  • The Linde T-MATIC causes less damage to cargo and infrastructure.


Linde Automated Trucks T - MATIC Series 131_1 - Dimensions (3) Linde Automated Trucks T - MATIC Series 131_1 - Dimensions (4)
h3) Lift = 120 mm
h13) Height, Lowered =85 mm
h14) Height of Tiller Arm in Operating Position (min/max) = 1 140/1 350 mm
l1) Overall Length =3 315 mm
l2) Length to Fork Face =915 mm
b1) Overall Width =790 mm
b5) Fork Spread (Min) =540 mm
b10) Track Width Front =544 mm
b11) Track Width Rear =374 mm
s/e/l) Fork Dimensions =60 x 166 x 2 400 mm
Ast) Aisle Width with Pallet Across Forks =3 633 mm
m2) Ground Clearance Center of Wheelbase =35 mm
Wa) Turning Radius = 2 735 mm
c) Load Center = 1 200 mm
x) Axle Centre to Fork Face = 1 702 mm
y) Wheelbase =2 364 mm
Q3.0 t
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