Mast Boom Lifts

JLG Toucan 12E Plus

Key Specs

Working Height12.65 m
Working Outreach6.05 m
Up & Over Height7.12 m
Drive SpeedElevated 0.75 km/h
Machine Weight4 900 kg
Working Height12.65 m
Platform Height10.65 m
Horizontal Outreach5.40 m
Working Outreach6.05 m
Up & Over Height7.12 m
Vertical Jib Rotation120 ° (+60 °/-60 °) 
Swing345 °
Swing Type Non-Continuous 
Drive SpeedElevated 0.75 km/h
Gradeability30 %
Turning Radius – Inside 0.75 m
Turning Radius – Outside2.60 m
Electrical System 48 V-DC
Drive Dual AC motors 48 V-DC 3.5 kW 
Batteries 48 V 260 A/h 
Machine Weight4 900 kg
Ground Bearing Pressure 14.00 kg/cm²
Hydraulic System Capacity 15 L
Load Sensing SystemYes 
  • 1.05 m x 0.70 m steel platform
  • Slide bar rear entry
  • Full proportional drive & slew joystick control with integral thumb steer switch
  • Mini joysticks provide proportional mast & jib lift/lower functions
  • 4.14 m articulating jib
  • Function enable with enlarged LCD status display
  • AC power cable to the platform
  • Large tool tray
  • Two Wheel Direct Electric Drive
  • Brushless AC drive motors
  • 48 V 260 A/h deep cycle monobloc batteries
  • On-board 110 V/230 V HF battery charger
  • Powered battery fill
  • Auto power save when idle
  • Low charge function cut-out
  • On-board diagnostics with integral display
  • Automatic rear wheel brakes
  • Sculptured polyester hoods
  • Heavy duty steel roller mast with 345 º rotation
  • Chain slack detection system
  • 3 º tilt alarm & indicator light
  • Non-marking solid tyres
  • 1.20 m wide frame
  • Lifting/tie down rings
  • Ground control selector switch with key lock
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Hour meter
  • Horn
  • Drive orientation system
  • Lanyard anchor point
  • Zenon strobe light
  • Manual descent system



  • Narrow vertical mast lifts that raise and lower vertically
  • Turntable rotates over 340° for precise positioning
  • Jib boom provides additional up-and-over outreach
  • Compact design for extreme manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Strong steel mast for extremely rigid platform support and operator comfort
  • Ideal for all kinds of retail and industrial applications, including stock picking and general maintenance


JLG Toucan 12E Plus Reach (1)
A. Platform Size (W x L) = 1.05 m X 0.70 m
B. Overall Width = 1.20 m
C. Tailswing = 0.13 m
D. Stowed Height = 1.99 m
E. Stowed Length = 3.65 m
F. Wheelbase = 1.60 m
G. Ground Clearance = 0.10 m
JLG Toucan 12E Plus Dimensions (1) JLG Toucan 12E Plus Dimensions (2) JLG Toucan 12E Plus Dimensions (3)
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