Personnel Lifts


Key Specs

Platform Capacity135 kg
Working Height13.05 m
Machine Weight kg
Working Height13.05 m
Platform Height11.05 m
Machine Weight kg
Load Sensing SystemYes 
  • 0.66 m x 0.66 m slide bar side entry platform
  • Safety interlocked controls
  • Lanyard attach points
  • AC power cable to the platform
  • 6 wheel chassis with 'X' pattern outriggers
  • Outrigger interlocks with LED indicators
  • Non marking tyres & casters
  • Roller loading device
  • Low maintenance anodised aluminium mast
  • Spring loaded sequence cables
  • Manual descent
  • Key lock main power switch
  • Hour meter
  • Transportation tie down lugs
  • Fork truck pockets


  • Easily portable and transportable
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Compact dimensions for tight spaces
  • Anodised masts for great stability with less deflection/sway
  • Large platforms
  • High capacities of up to 160kg
  • Working heights of up to 14 m without the need for outriggers
  • Maintenance-free masts
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved safety benefits over ladders and scaffolding
  • Compact, with a tight turning radius, for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces and agile positioning
  • Faster and safer set-up
  • Ideal for picking stock or stocking shelves, setting up displays or replacing signage, cleaning or performing maintenance
  • Capacities up to 230 kg
  • Extend your reach up to 13 m
  • Longer battery duty cycles
  • No emission, electrically operated
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Drivable at full height to reduce manual handling and staff requirements
  • Excellence Performance & Reliability.
  • High Quality Height Specification.
  • Rapid Return on Investment.


JLG 36AM Dimensions (1) JLG 36AM Dimensions (2) JLG 36AM Dimensions (3)
A. Stowed Height = 2.64 m Tilted Back Height = 1.92 m
B. Stowed Base Width = 0.74 m
C. Stowed Base Length = 1.38 m
D. Platform Size Narrow (W x L) = 0.56 x 0.63 m Platform Size Side Entry (W x L) = 0.66 x 0.66 m
E. Base Length without Platform = 1.35 m
F. Ground Entry Height = 0.48 m
G. Outrigger Footprint Length = 2.13 m
H. Outrigger Footprint Width = 2.18 m
I. Distance to Wall - Front = 0.42 m
J. Distance to Wall - Side = 0.75 m
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