Light Industrial

Eazi Access supports the unique needs of customers in the light industrial market with an extensive range of electric equipment, work-at-height & Material handling warehouse machines and maintenance solutions.

Eazi Access understands keeping your production line running is key to your industry, and routine maintenance or stock taking can sometimes seriously disrupt your bottom line.

Our Solution

Our solutions can help increase productivity by reducing the time and people required to perform a specific task.

We see ourselves as an extension of your production line and understand how important seamless integration is.

Working with Eazi Access means you can be assured that your production line is not disrupted and that regular maintenance and stocktaking can take place quickly, efficiently and safely.

Eazi Access
light industry solutions

Machines that fit into your production line

Agile electric machines that can help perform maintenance and repairs.

Easily integrated into your existing production processes to ensure minimal disruptions.

All machines are kept spotlessly clean to avoid contamination of your production line.

The right machine for the warehouse job

Scissor lifts and work-at-height machines replace dangerous push ladders and cumbersome scaffolding.

We can train your stocktaking employees to operate our machinery to help save costs.

24/7 technical support

We ensure that we understand your on-site shifts and production schedules so that any necessary maintenance or servicing can take place without interrupting production time.

Maintenance made easy

Use a dedicated machine and operator to get the job done quickly.

Conduct routine maintenance without disrupting the production line.

Low costs, high safety

Solutions are cost effective for the plant engineer, effortless to implement for the maintenance manager and meet the safety requirements of the health and safety officer.

We guide and advise on the latest regulatory and legislative safety requirements for working-at-height and material-handling.

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