Let’s talk a bit about telehandlers. For those of you, unfamiliar with telehandlers, it is a combination between a forklift and a crane that came to dominate the industry and is now an integral part of how we operate, both in industry as well as in agriculture.

A question that we are faced with quite often, is why buy a telehandler, if you have a forklift already. Or a crane for that matter. Easy – it offers unprecedented versatility that you just cannot find using a forklift or a crane. It can access cargo where a forklift just couldn’t and place it where a crane would be unable to. With its versatile, single telescopic boom that extends forwards and upwards, it becomes the perfect hybrid between the forklift and the crane.

We always say, use the right tool for the right job. This will save you time, money and spare you the frustration of struggling with a piece of equipment that was perhaps never meant to perform in the way you would like it to. With our three ranges of telehandlers, you will find that we always have the right tool for the right job.

Are you looking to lift smaller loads? Our JLG range is superb for those tight spaces where you need maximum mobility. Our JLG range offers telehandlers for weights between 2.5 and 4 tons with a maximum extension of up to 17m.

In our medium range, we have the fantastic Magni rotational range – 4.9 – 6 tons, extending from 17 – 23m, the Magni range is perfect for high lifts with medium weight. With a patented pivoting and telescoping stabilising system for increased stability and lifting performance, a 360 degree cab-rotation and a 15% fuel consumption reduction, versatility meets superior design.

Looking for more strength? We give you the Magni range of high capacity telehandlers – lifting up to 45 tons, it is the world’s biggest rough terrain telescopic forklift in terms of capacity.  Powered by Daimler Mercedes Benz Tier 3 B, this beauty will give you 40km/h and with an active dynamic stabilising system that automatically calculates bearing capacity and adapts the load chart, this will truly be the flagship of your equipment fleet.

Speak to one of our highly qualified consultants today and experience the magic of having the correct piece of equipment for the job.