Telescopic Handler

JCB TH 530-110

Key Specs

Maximum Lift Height11 000 mm
Maximum Forward Reach7 330 mm
Maximum Lift Capacity3 000 kg
Machine Weight8 870 kg
Carriage Rollback Angle7.5 º
Maximum Lift Height11 000 mm
Maximum Forward Reach7 330 mm
Carriage Rollback Angle7.5 º
Carriage Dump Angle44 º
Placing Height10 500 mm
Turning Radius4 850 mm
Maximum Lift Capacity3 000 kg
Maximum Lift Capacity at Full Forward Reach1 000 kg
EngineJCB 448 
Engine Fuel TypeDiesel 
Engine Power56 kW
Machine Weight8 870 kg
Tyre Size Front13.00 x 24 ⌀ x l (mm) - 16PR ⌀ x l (mm)
Tyre Size Rear12.5 x 18 ⌀ x l (mm) - 12PR ⌀ x l (mm)
  • Enclosed cab with fan
  • Floating forks
  • 1.0 m³ GP shovel
  • Pre-cleaner fitted
  • Reverse fan
  • Rotating beacon light
  • Rear wheel steer with independent front wheel braking
  • Includes Livelink



  • Highly manoeuvrable and ideally suited for material handling applications.
  • Powerful & versatile.
  • These machines are designed specifically to boost productivity where space is limited.
  • Ranges from compact units to some of the highest lifting, highest-capacity machines available.
  • JCB components ensures optimal performance, efficiency & reliability.
  • Eliminates multiple material handling.
  • Enhances on-site safety.
  • Unparalleled versatility with multiple attachments.
  • Ease of access & serviceability decreasing maintenance time.


JCB TH 530-110 Dimensions (1) JCB TH 530-110 Dimensions (2)
A. Overall Height = 2.67 m
B. Overall Width (Over Tyres) = 2.32 m
C. Inside Width of Cab = 0.79 m
D. Front Track = 1.98 m
E. Wheelbase = 2.49 m
F. Overall Length to Front of Tyres = 4.19 m
G. Overall Length to Front of Carriage = 5.30 m
H. Ground Clearance = 0.40 m
J. Front Wheel Centre to Carriage = 1.73 m
K. Rear Wheel Centre to Rear Face = 1.07 m
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Telescopic Handler

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