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The Maeda Mini Cranes are suitable for specialist lifting applications, from the full spectrum of glass handling to restoration projects, panelling, cladding, through to managing tight corners on domestic and construction contracts. Each Mini Crane delivers a capacity and reach equivalent to that of a much larger crane. The smaller Mini Cranes in the range are slender enough to fit through a standard doorway and have enough power to complete heavy lifts once in place, all the while retaining excellent manoeuvrability and flexibility. No matter the size of the Mini Crane, customers can enjoy both time and cost saving benefits.
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The Mini Crane range of equipment includes Mini Cranes (MC), Knuckle Booms (MK) & Crawler Cranes (CC) which offer the capacity & reach equivalent to larger cranes.
  • These cranes are ideal for all glass handling applications including glazing, on domestic & construction sites.
  • Their popular application extends through to panelling & cladding, restoration projects, rooftop work, stonework & curtain wall installation.
  • Mini Spider Cranes have a light & compact body with supportive outriggers enabling safe lifting on any job-site.
  • Knuckle Booms have been designed on the Mini Crane range, with the advantage of a hydraulic luffing jib to provide lifting over obstacles.
  • Crawler Cranes have a compact working footprint and near-zero tailswing which enables lifting, even in confined spaces, while pick & carry capacities further improve job efficiency.

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