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At the top end of this product range, the HT100 – HT180 Ds IC trucks are fast and efficient when handling heavy loads: a fact guaranteed by the well-coordinated combination of modern diesel engines, transmission, and hydrodynamic drive. This technology ensures exceptionally strong handling performance, particularly for transport over long distances.

At the opposite spectrum of this range, the Linde H14 – H20 EVO IC trucks can go the distance even in the toughest conditions. The combination of the hydrostatic direct drive, robust engines, and the Linde Load Control facilitates both rapid and precise operation and exceptional handling performance.
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Features & Benefits

  • Hydrostatic drive (excluding series 1411).
  • Linde operator compartments - ergonomically designed for operator comfort.
  • Linde operator controls for accurate safe-loading, increased productivity & efficiency.
  • Linde torsional support system resulting in exceptionally stable & safe load handling.
  • Offer exceptional high capacity, versatile performance & easy maintenance.

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