Automated Trucks

While logistics tasks will always be directed by people, this new generation of robotic trucks can perform repetitive, low added value material handling tasks reliably and independently. Called “cobotics” - the collaboration between people and robots allows both to work and interact together safely.

Robotics also helps increase productivity and lower costs by reducing damage to goods and putting people at less risk of physical strain by giving uncomfortable tasks to the robotic truck. Robotics also improves the efficiency of material handling flows thanks to consistent timing between transfers optimising the management of work in progress and buffer stocks.
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Features & Benefits

  • Automated cargo transport over long distances.
  • The truck’s navigational system does not require any additional installation of control technology.
  • The T-MATIC is also suitable for use in environments in which people and automated machines have to work together flexibly and in tight spaces.
  • The Linde T-MATIC causes less damage to cargo and infrastructure.

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