Easy to Use

Why Equipment Supplied by Eazi Access is Safe & Easy to Use…

Consistency of Control Layout 

  • Pictograms identify functions
  • Same controller and toggle switch position in all JLG booms

Controller Detents 

  • Prevents unintended movements 
  • Engine won’t start if toggle switch(s) or controller is engaged

Steer Select

  • Centre switch position – conventional front wheel steering
  • Forward switch position – “crab” steering for positioning
  • Back switch position – “coordinated” steering for maneouvring in confined areas

Axle Extend/Retract and Horn

  • Allows the operator to extend/retract the axles
  • A push-type horn switch activates an audible warning device

Manual Boom Control Select (On Selected Models)

  • Lift and telescope movements controlled separately by the operator and the automatic platform leveling only active only during lift functions

Start/Auxiliary Power

  • Pushed forward, starter motor is energized to start the engine
  • Pushed back, electrically operated hydraulic pump is energized

Drive Orientation System (DOS) (If Fitted)

  • When turntable is slewed past rear drive wheels, DOS switch must be activated
  • Decals indicates chassis direction
  • DOS Drive orientation system activated by turntable sensor

Drive/Steer Controller

  • Joystick provides for driving either forward or backward
  • Controller is ‘ramped’ for variable drive speed
  • Steering is controlled by a thumb operated switch on top of the joystick

Toggle Switches – All Booms

  • Platform Rotate
  • Jib Lift
  • Main Telescope

Ground Controls

  • Override platform controls and LSS system
  • Pictogram layout on control interface
  • Two-handed operation for safety
  • Ground personnel control platform with selector switch

Guarding on Controls

  • Prevents accidents

Drive Speed/Torque Select

  • Forward switch position – maximum drive speed
  • Back switch position – maximum torque for rough terrain a
  • Center switch position – quieter operation

Platform Leveling Over-ride

  • Three position switch to adjust automatic self-leveling system

Automatic Boom Control Select (On Selected Models)

  • Lift and telescope movements coordinated by the JLG control system and automatic platform leveling

Power/Emergency Stop

  • A two-position red mushroom shaped switch supplies power to Platform Controls when pulled out (on) When pushed in (off), power to platform controls is shut off

Capacity Select (On Ultra Booms with Dual Capacity)

  • Allows the operator to select between an operating envelope with a 230 kg capacity restriction or a 450 kg capacity restriction

Main Boom Lift/Swing Controller

  • An infinitely proportional dual axis joystick for main lift and swing – Push forward to lift up, pull backward to lift down
  • Move right to swing right, move left to swing left

Function Speed Control

  • This control affects the speed of telescope, tower lift and jib lift – Turning the knob counterclockwise until it clicks puts drive, tower
    lift and swing into creep mode

7 Second Timer on Footswitch

  • Safety footswitch times out after 7 seconds
  • Helps prevent unintended motion
  • Engine will not start if the foot switch engaged

Clear, Easy to Understand Display

  • Easy to read and understand icons on LCD Display

Full visibility cabs

  • A patented Magni design

Movable steering column

  • For easy access and a comfortable driving position

Multifunction joysticks 

  • Connected via CAN BUS for all the movements of the turret, boom and accessory

Controls grouped on a glass touch screen display

  • Allows the operator to handle the machine in an intuitive and user-friendly way

 Fully enclosed, airtight cab

  • 100% inlet air filtration and pressurised by a powerful ventilation system (240 m3/hr) in accordance with ISO 10263 standards

Hot and cold air conditioning

  • Comes standard, with air recycling if required, controlled via air conditioning management screen

Magni Patented Outriggers

  • Combines both pivoting and telescoping actions for increased stability and superior lifting performance

Magni Patented Quick-Fit system

  • Improves capacity performance and safety

Automatic recognition of attachments

  • Through a RFID system on the boom head that automatically recognises the attachment, loads the relative load chart and programmes the load limit device load to the specific attachment

Load Limit Device

  • Determines the weight of the lifted load and its position, compares the data with load diagram software and, in case of overload, the system cuts out all aggravating movements

Extremely sturdy and rigid 

  • Magni booms are made of high tension steel, and equipped with an exclusive patented hydraulic circuit. The Magni design avoids fatigue and prevents deformation and faults