Heavy Industrial

Eazi Access supports the unique needs of the heavy industrial industry with an extensive range of reliable diesel equipment, trained operators and 24/7 support.

Eazi Access understands heavy industry demands where companies are faced with fluctuating economic growth, commodity prices and labour costs, the need to focus on operational efficiencies to reduce costs, while delivering high quality work and creating a safe working environment, is paramount.

Our Solution

Our extensive network of branches and on-site team ensure that you don’t lose valuable production time.

We see ourselves as an extension of the industry and understand there is no time to spare when it comes to shutdown schedules.

Working with Eazi Access means you can optimise your production time and reduce shutdown time, all while using safe, cost-effective work-at-height and material-handling solutions.

How does Eazi Access deliver solutions for the heavy industries?

Reliable machines that are readily available

Powerful telescopic boom lifts, scissor lifts, mini cranes and high-capacity telehandlers.

Innovative solutions to help minimise costs and maximise productivity on-site.

Machines are ready on-site from day 1.

Optimise production, reduce shutdown time

Better personnel and resource allocation by using fewer machines.

No need to use costly and time consuming scaffolding.

24/7 technical support

We ensure that we understand your on-site shifts and production schedules so that any necessary maintenance or servicing can take place without interrupting production time.

Training for safety

Fully licensed operators trained to work to the highest safety standards.

Training for own employees can be provided.

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