Electric Scissor Lifts


JLG 1930ES

JLG 2032ES

JLG 2630ES

JLG 2646ES

JLG 3246ES

JLG 3369LE/M3369

JLG 4069LE/M4069

Features and Benefits

  • Lift more materials, tools and workers, faster and safely, and for longer
  • Large, high capacity platforms
  • Reduced charging time and longer running time
  • Efficient direct electric drive system powers the lift for longer off or on slab
  • Environmentally-friendly with no fumes and no noise
  • Can be customised with a range of exclusive application-specific accessory packages, including electrical, plumbing, welding, cutting and more

Specifications Guide – Electric Range

Electric Scissors Aerial Work Platforms Brochure

Electric Scissor Lifts Brochure

ES Series - Electric Scissor Lifts

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Name Working
Capacity(kg) Deck
JLG 1930ES 7.72 5.72 230 0.90 Brochure
JLG 2032ES 8.10 6.10 360 0.90 Brochure
JLG  2630ES 9.77 7.77 230 0.90 Brochure
JLG 3246ES 11.68 9.68 320 1.27 Brochure
JLG 3369LE/M3369 12.06 10.06 450 0.91 Brochure
JLG 4069LE/M4069 14.19 12.19 360 0.91 Brochure